Round 5 complete and some Fall Festivities

In case you didn’t already know, Fall is Abby’s most favorite season. The
week after treatments Abby was feeling a lot better and so we decided to
take a ride to Yorktown Heights and do a little pumpkin picking with
Stephanie! We just wanted to share some fun pictures of our weekend
adventures. This also includes the new papasan chair that was added to the
yoga room! Thanks Claud for putting that together for us! Thank you again
to Flor and Oriana for creating the awesome yoga room! It is Abby’s
favorite place to be.

We arrived home a little while ago from the city after staying with our
other halves, Max and Liz. Max and Liz have been so kind to have let us
stay in their home for the past 3 series and for letting us stay with them
for upcoming treatments. Being in their home makes things a lot easier, as
they are family to us and Maddie loves snuggling on Uncle Max’s shoulder
and Aunt Lizzie’s lap whenever possible. She can’t always be a service dog
…after all she needs her service rest too.

Round 5 was tiring for Abby. Chemotherapy is very hard on the body, but
Abby finds ways to keep herself going with art and photography. Abby
started a new treatment that adds on to the current regiment. After only 4
days, her numbers improved remarkably. Dr. Hagloff did say she is getting
much stronger, and is happy with the results so far. We feel very positive,
and look forward to seeing this cancer go into remission very soon. Once in
remission we will decide which alternative treatment to go forward with to
ensure the cancer never returns. We are focused on finding a complete cure
to her cancer. With all of the love and support Abby has received, we know
we will find a way!

This weekend is the beginning of quite a few benefits for Abby. Lauren
Quaranta, a long time friend of the Engel family is hosting a dance class
at her studio “The Dance Space” led by Stephanie Klemons. Stephanie is
Abby’s best friend as well as the Associate Choreographer of Broadway’s
“Bring It On”. This workshop is really special to both Abby and Rachel
because it combines two people that they love dearly, working together to
help Abby. Thank you ladies for making this happen. If you would like to
join in on this class this Sunday October 21st, please check out the link:

Tuesday October 23rd is the second benefit that will be taking place at
Abby’s Yoga Studio, Yoga Long Beach. The class will be led by Abby’s dear
friend and personal yoga guru, Flor Villazan. We are thankful to Flor and
Hana Hershko (owner and yoga instructor at YLB) for putting this special
event together. The class will begin at 7:15pm, and if Abby is feeling up
to it she will be in attendance observing the class. Please check out the
link if you would like to join:

Friday November 9th, Comedian/Firefighter John Larocchia, Craig Weintraub,
and Bianca Lupo have collaborated to bring you a night of comedy and fun,
with a cast of headlining comedians that will be sure to get the crowd
rolling. All proceeds are being donated to Orange For Abby, as well as Laughter Saves Lives (
Please visit for info and to purchase tickets! Link
to this site:

Bravelets™ bracelets are made to help you be brave during tough times. Wear
it proudly for yourself or for a loved one! Bravelets has offered to create
a special page for Abby that will sell a special bracelets. This bracelet
is made of 316L stainless steel and genuine leather. The Bravelet bracelet
costs $35, and $10 of that cost will be donated to Orange For Abby. Our
good friend Jaclyn Ghamar purchased a Bravelet when Abby first was
diagnosed with cancer, and Abby has worn it since then to remind her to be
brave. Wear your orange or purple bravelet bracelet for Abby. To go
directly to Abby’s Bravelet bracelet page please click on this link:

Lastly, we have a very special event that The Allegria Hotel will be
hosting on December 8th. The event will take place in the early afternoon.
Please keep your schedule open. We will be announcing this event early next
week. As you all remember, Abby and Rachel were married at The Allegria
Hotel in Long Beach almost 5 months ago. The event will take place in the
same rooftop room that the party took place in.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. Abby draws a lot of her
strength and positivity from you all. This journey is nothing we ever
expected to be going through, but you have all helped in your own way to
make it easier for Abby. We ask you to continue your prayers and hope to
see you all soon!

Lots of love,

Abby and Rachel…. and family

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