Pictures from Bring It On @ The Dance Space LTD, Yoga Long Beach, and upcoming benefits For Abby as well as updates

Sunday morning/afternoon was the very first benefit that was held in honor of Abby. Lauren Quaranta-Berkovits who owns and runs The Dance Space LTD. invited Broadway choreographer & Abby’s best friend Stephanie Klemons to teach a class at her dance school. Since Stephanie most recently worked on Broadway’s Bring It On, she taught two separate classes a special routine from the show! At first this was just supposed to be a regular class that Lauren and Stephanie were putting together, but they both decided to collect all of the money that was paid for from the classes and donate it to Orange For Abby. It was an incredible gesture, and we are very thankful to them for doing something so kind. Each one of the dancers went home with an orange bracelet that we gave out to them to wear and support Abby. Stephanie told the kids that every time they practice the dance or look at the orange bracelets, they are sending Abby healing thoughts and helping her out. The kids felt really important to be apart of something so special. Abby received videos through the entire dance class so she could see how cute the class was, and both Lauren and Stephanie told us that the class was really great. They loved being able to do something like this!
Here are a few pictures from Sunday’s classes as well as the link to The Dance Space LTDwebsite to read all about what went on!! Thank you Lauren and Steph for organizing this, and to the whole studio and all of the families for making this happen. We appreciate you all so much.

Bring It On video
Bring It On 2 video
Bring It On 3 video

Tuesday night I (Rachel) was able to attend the Yoga Long Beach benefit for Abby at the studio. I am not sure what I was expecting walking into this class, but it is a night I won’t forget. I was greeted by so many friends and familiar faces. People that have practiced yoga with Abby over the last two years, friends that have been at our house to visit all of the time, my sisters who are incredible, friends we have not had a chance to see in so long, and people who we have never met before but wanted to be there for Abby. Everyone was warm and welcoming. There were many hugs, kisses, friendly and loving exchanges before and after the class. During the class that was led by Flor Villizan and Hana Hershko, I had a chance to share my loving energy and receive the same from everyone around. Every time Flor said Abby’s name I felt a warm sensation that I could only describe as what I think love feels like. There were moments when the speakers created a static sound and Stephanie suggested that it was because there was so much positive energy in the room being sent to Abby. This studio is Abby’s second home. The teachers there are her guides and Flor is her yoga guru. I received presents to take home for Abby in the colors of orange, and many other words of love to bring home to her as well. It was overwhelmingly amazing, and I can only thank the people that were able to make it out to be apart of this special night. Thank you to both Flor and Hana for making this happen.
Here are some pictures from the class.

Due to the storm coming this week, Abby is going to skip her treatment this coming week and go in the following week. We ask you to continue to send your healing energy and prayers her way. We hope to see you all at the comedy show on Friday November 9th. You can still purchase tickets online at ( )

The Bravelet Bracelets are also available now through this link!

I am working with the ladies of Love Integration on organizing another event For Abby at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach for the first week of December. It looks like we have locked in the December 8th date. The event will begin around 12pm and end around 4pm. This will be a mind, body, and wellness event for Abby. There will be yoga, massage, reiki, thai massage, beauty specialists, arts and crafts, raffles, jewelry, local artists and vendors, hors d’oeuvres, fresh juices, shakes, and many other surprises being planned. The Allegria has very kindly agreed to donate all proceeds to Orange For Abby. The event will be taking place on the rooftop where we were married just 5 months ago. More news and tickets to this event will be coming soon! Email if you would like to be a vendor or part of the raffle!

Thank you all again for your love and support. We are getting closer to our goal in saving for her alternative treatments, and any left over money will be donated to further unknown primary source and liver cancer research.

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