Orange For Abby Birthday Bash, and my birthday wish

Every time I come here to write, I wind up closing the page because something happens that takes me away from focusing here. First and foremost I want to thank you all. The love, friendship, support, humor, energy, fears, emotions, and sense of family that has been circulating through each of you to both Abby and myself and our families has been incredible. Abby’s 30th birthday was on March 1st. With the help of our family and friends, I put together a birthday wellness benefit for Abby. We worked hours putting together vendors to come sell their jewelry, artwork, baked good, belly dancing accessories, t-shirts, tank tops, hats, avon, and so on. We had donations for raffles from places like Doris The Florist, Deify Beauty, Serendipity, Cuban Crocodile, Max Bialystock, Gentle Touch, Leanne Schanzer Productions, Yoga Long Beach, Bikram Yoga RVC, Revolution Yoga, Cafe of Life, Avon, Stitch and Stone, Symbiotic Salon Systems, ID Salon, Harem Belly Dance, Bhagavat Life, Yoga Classes, Udi’s Gluten Free gift baskets, and so many others (forgive me for not listing all). The Allegria donated their space and food to us with the hard work of Tiffany, Chef, and team. Cathy (Colette’s madukes) made the amazing cake. We had massage therapists, reiki, meditation, blow outs, make up, chiropractics, chanting, drumming, and more.
One of the best moments was when Abby’s camp friends surrounded her and started a round of camp sing songs that lasted about 10-15 minutes. It was truly an unforgettable day. Abby had the chance to see some (about 200) of the most important people in her life, and make a memory that will last a lifetime.
We were able to raise lots of money to help pay for expenses that are occurring, and still holding on to in hopes of future alternative treatments.

The days following the party have been quite difficult for Abby. She started a new type of chemotherapy and it has been hard on her. She has been sleeping a lot, and having a hard time eating. This has also led to her losing a lot of her physical strength. As we all know, Abby was stronger than most any of us and she is still holding on to some of that now. I know a lot of you have been asking to come visit and I have had to turn many of you away. Right now we are trying to help her regain her strength. By letting her sleep, we are hoping that it helps to heal her body. We have been in constant contact with all of her doctors. Although she is being treated at a new facility, there is only one doctor in Abby’s heart. Dr. Haglof is still the person that Abby asks for on a daily basis, and when she feels she needs to talk to someone she asks for her. We call her DKNY, or just DK for short.

We still have plenty of hope, and love, and positivity for Abby and we will continue to help her fight this battle until she gets better. There is no giving up, or giving in. These are simply not words that will ever be used.

As I write this, the clock turned 12 and that makes it my birthday. I have one wish. March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and even though I am not even close to Irish… I always felt a little more lucky because I was born on this day. For my 32nd birthday…my first birthday as a married woman…I only need one thing. I need a miracle for Abby. I need her health to be restored, her cancer to disappear, her strength to be regained, her beautiful smile to come back permanently, and our lives to go back to the way things were…simple, and perfect. When you think of wishing me a happy birthday this year….close your eyes, and make a wish that there is a miracle of good health for Abby…and I will feel it, and she will feel it.

March 30th we will celebrate Abby for her 30th birthday again, and wear orange. If you would like to have your own orange for abby t-shirt and help support her courageous fight then please purchase one from the shopping section of this website.

Sending you lots of love and orange…

5 thoughts on “Orange For Abby Birthday Bash, and my birthday wish

  1. Much love, thoughts and prayers and orange coming to you and Abby. MAY ALL UOUR WISHES COME TRUE! Happy Birthday!

    Xo Mindy and Sammi

  2. So beautiful and crushing Rachel.
    Happy Birthday to you Rachel and I will think of you
    And Abby especially today.
    All that crazy green energy needs to
    Be channeled to Abby.

  3. I dedicate my yoga practice to you two almost every time now. I look down at the orange dot on my mat and focus on your strength. Happy happy birthday girls – lots of love from Colorado!

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