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We are currently accepting donations that will go towards the Orange For Abby Foundation in memory of Abby Robin Jacknowitz. The foundation is currently being organized to help young adults and families dealing with cancer so that they can afford to pay bills having to do with rent, mortgages, hospital stays, copays, doctor bills, transportation, hotel stays, food, nursing care, alternative treatments, clothing, hair replacements, medical supplies, surgical supplies, music therapy, art therapy, energy work, healing treatments, and so many other things that can unexpectedly come up. Abby was a teacher, a friend, a wife, a daughter, an artist, an athlete, a yogi, and just an all around incredible human being that we should all strive to be more like. Abby had so many goals in life, and we are here to help make some become more complete. This foundation will start to build some of her dreams, and help to make miracles happen.

Please contact us directly if you would like to mail a check. Our email address is

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  3. Dear Abby,

    Happy 30th Birthday!!!! I am thinking of you, and sending you all positive thoughts. You are strong, bright, positive and beautiful. You were one of the most competitive people at camp and hated to loose. You always put 100% into winning the soccer game, or running to get the flag. You never gave up, and always gave it 100%. You will be challenged, but just like in camp you will overcome and not let anything get in your way. You are so tough Abby, and full of courage. I believe in you, and have no doubts that you will get better.

    Love always,

    Katie Davidow (Jacobs)

  4. I will be sending you loving and healing energy from afar but know that I am sure it will be felt close to your heart. I will share this with all of my friends so that they can give to you as I know you will kick this thing! Your spirit is strong and the love you have surrounding you is even stronger.

    Love you and will be here even from afar.

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