Israel is Orange For Abby

A little over a week ago Abby and I woke up to my phone buzzing over and over again. Something was going on and we were both so curious to see what it was. I opened up our email box for and saw that there were well over 250 messages. I took a look through a few and noticed that some of the emails were in Hebrew and some in English. We were both very confused as to what was going on. I logged us into the WordPress site that we had been using to blog through, and the statistics read that there had been over 15,000 clicks to the website between the hours of 4am and 8:30am EST. Realizing that Israel is a 6 hour time difference, we knew where the clicks had been coming from. We were completely unsure as to how Abby’s site had gone viral overnight, but it was totally overwhelming to see these numbers and emails waiting for us to read.

I started reading through some of these emails, and they were filled with emotion. Our friend, Hagit Ginzburg that I met years ago in NYC is a well known writer in Israel. She wrote a few paragraphs about Abby, and our relationship. She talked about what is going on with Abby and our recent marriage. Based on Google Translate, the piece that she wrote was touching and amazing.

Somehow when Hagit posted this article to her Facebook page, it started spreading rapidly around Israel and touched people that we have never met before. We received messages of hope, love, prayers, and strength. Hundreds of pictures were sent with colors of Orange. These notes came from all over Israel including Masada, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashklon, The Israeli Defense Force, and so many other places.

Roni, Avia, Sapir and Sapir from The Israeli Defense Force sent their love and strength…they are our main picture for this post.

Jenny and Anna who are also from the IDF sent smiles and love.

Tami Edelman Nakav sent a Mandala with Abby’s name in it. It is also in the pictures below for you to see. Her note said “I created this mandala mainly כרםצ letters the words “health”, “wealth”, “love” and of course – “Abby”.”

Lisa Zigel wrote “I have a site called Guroom ( We’ve just launched and I had a thought – one of our rooms is has a lot of orange (I’ve attached it here). We have a category of rooms called “rooms for change” where some of the net proceeds go to cause. Would it be ok if for this room, a quarter of the net proceeds go to a cancer organization (of your choice) and a quarter go to a donation for Abby” – to us this is such an incredible honor and we are touched that you would help Abby this way, Lisa. We love the “room for change” and when Abby is all better and we are ready to buy a house, we will give back and donate by purchasing from your site from the “rooms for change” collection.

Nili, Or & Itamar  wrote “I wish you only the best, a quick and easy recovery… May you have lots and lots of beautiful and love filled years together. I’m sending Abby a picture of an orange tree that I took outside of my house. We live in the contry, a small place near Jerusalem, we send you our love  and kisses from here!”

Efrat Magal wrote “Hi Abby, I read your story in Hagit Ginzburg’s post on facebook- Stay strong and know that the story of your love has touched people even here in Israel. I’m sending you a picture that was taken in the last winter in Jerusalem, when it was snowing- a very rare sight here! I’m sending you lots of strength and love, and I hope you get well soon!”

These are just a few of the many messages we received. We thank you all, and welcome all of the pictures you continue to send. We will keep updating the site with these pictures. We hope to have you all wearing Abby’s orange bracelet in Israel, we have already sent over so many! We love you, Israel. We cannot wait to meet and hug as many of you as possible!
This is where you can get your bracelet! Help us save enough to get Abby all of the alternative treatments she may need in the future. Any additional money will be donated to a charity supporting “unknown primary cancer”. Lots of Ahava, Labriut, and Shalom to you all!!
Hagit, we love you….and thank you so much for caring about Abby the way that you do. You are an incredible person, and friend. We look forward to visiting you in Israel as soon as possible. Thank you for being you.


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