No Day But Today

It is just about 10 months since Abby and I were married. The 27th is the date. Each month that passes means more to celebrate than I could have ever imagined. Prior to getting married, wedding planning was a huge part of our lives for many months. Abby basically let me make all the decisions once we picked the place together. The only things she really cared about was our dessert spoon wall, cupcake towers, and the music. I did all of the research and she would say no to every group of musicians I would put on to sample. After speaking with a DJ we were interested in, she mentioned Pilley Bianchi to us. After getting off of the call, I googled Pilley and found her website . Abby and I listened together when I opened her page, and both fell in love with her voice and the way she played piano. We set up a call with her, and then a lunch date. We brought our good friend Heather along with us, and were all in agreement that the stars had aligned and we found the perfect musician. When discussing the songs, Abby and I really wanted her to be very creative with her music. The only thing that we really had wanted was a special song to both of us to walk down the aisle. “No Day But Today” had meaning to us separately, and together. It described so many parts of our lives that had brought us together to be married.

Pilley didn’t know the song “No Day But Today”. We sent her our favorite rendition from Idina Menzel, and she quickly fell in love with it as well. The day of our wedding was the first time we heard her play it, and she really did make it her own. Walking down the aisle while holding Abby’s hand was the best moment of my life. I looked around for the first time and saw so many people we love, and so many that love us. I saw smiles and tears, and felt love.

Pilley just sent us a recording of the song for Abby. Abby and I have been wanting to have it as our own since the first time she sang it. Pilley was at Abby’s benefit on March 3rd, and did play this song. It was hard to hear as so many people were around…so I knew I needed to get a copy.
I am sharing this song with you all so that you can feel what Abby and I both felt the first time we heard it. Listen to the words…and live by them. The lyrics were never as important to us as they are now.
No Day But Today

Abby is here next to me and sleeping. This past week has been a bit better than before. There were a few benefits that happened this week including a Yoga Prayer Circle at Yoga Lynbrook and her Evergreenies getting together to raise money at Tammany Hall. The money raised bought Abby a brand new leather electric chair. She has been laying in it since she got it on Friday. This chair is just like a lazy boy, but so much nicer for her. It hugs her body, and makes her feel safe. It moves to help her get up, and sit down without being in too much pain. I want to thank you for making your donations to help us get her this chair.

We finally found a wonderful aid to work with us. Nasshon is loving and compassionate to Abby. Abby loves and trusts her, and so do I. It is so nice to have someone to work with to help that really knows her stuff! Dr. Josh from The Cafe Of Life has been coming over on a daily basis to treat Abby. He has been adjusting her, and working with energy to help clear out all of the bad stuff and make room to regenerate healthy cells. Stephanie, Lauren, and Alyssa have been taking turns sleeping here to help me through the night. Eric is sitting here with Nasshon making Charcoal Poultices, my mom is a daily soup maker and my favorite mama bear, my dad is a furniture mover and helping hand as well as Papa bear, Abby’s dad delivers fresh flowers and hugs, & Abby’s mom makes banana bread and brings over little things to laugh about together. We are working together as a family to make things easier. Abby has been getting “spa facials and massages” on a daily basis. Although she cannot get up and walk now, she is getting physical therapy to make her stronger. Becky and Kim decorated an awesome walker in shades of orange to brighten Abby’s day, and give her something to look forward to being able to do.

With love, with patience, and with faith…she’ll make her way. – Natalie Merchant

Thank you for continuing to read…thank you for the prayers, the love, the support, the energy, the emotions…and for being you in our lives.

Take a listen to the song, and enjoy :)
Rach…and Abby (snailby mcgee)
No Day But Today

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